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     1. Ready Player One
    2. A Wrinkle in Time
   3. Red Sparrow
  4. Black Panther
 5. Fifty Shades Freed
6. Phantom Thread

       1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
      2. Troy
     3. Justice League
    4. Independence Day
   5. Conan the Barbarian
  6. Murder on the Orient Express
 7. Space Battleship Yamato
8. Willow
         1. Star Wars: Force Awakens
        2. Dunkirk
       3. Gladiator
      4. War for the Planet/Apes
     5. Avatar
    6. Spider-Man: Homecoming
   7. Blade Runner 2049
  8. Star Wars: A New Hope
 9. Thor: Ragnarok
10. Valerian: City/1000 Planets
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  TitleComposer(s)Category Avg. Total1-Star2-Star3-Star4-Star5-Star
1. Schindler's ListJohn Williams Modern4.37324,7861,2711,3621,4013,56717,185
2. HoosiersJerry Goldsmith Classic4.3402,20890941944271,403
3. E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialJohn Williams Classic4.3338,0342643038161,7614,890
4. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackJohn Williams Classic4.3219,4282883961,0681,9285,748
5. GloryJames Horner Modern4.32111,2064824979522,2916,984
6. The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersHoward Shore Modern4.31626,0509691,1772,9464,52316,435
7. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingHoward Shore Modern4.31022,6866438392,4275,71913,058
8. Edward ScissorhandsDanny Elfman Modern4.30619,1536788041,7934,59011,288
9. BatmanDanny Elfman Modern4.30413,5452703881,7893,6087,490
10. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingHoward Shore, Enya Modern4.30338,6261,0811,4404,8658,56422,676
11. Lady in the WaterJames Newton Howard Modern4.2952,425871181966161,408
12. The Russia HouseJerry Goldsmith Modern4.2935,3402163064381,1153,265
13. Apollo 13James Horner Modern4.29310,2655075359171,7906,516
14. Raiders of the Lost ArkJohn Williams Classic4.2936,3412172697731,2643,818
15. The Mists of AvalonLee Holdridge TV4.2844,4901751954391,0522,629
16. Dances With WolvesJohn Barry Modern4.2798,0173013668951,6894,766
17. First BloodJerry Goldsmith Classic4.277537202760107323
18. JawsJohn Williams Classic4.2771,774591021843721,057
19. Cutthroat IslandJohn Debney Modern4.2544,3131691805558932,516
20. Star Wars: A New HopeJohn Williams Classic4.24617,3215831,1771,9733,24510,343
21. LionheartJerry Goldsmith Classic4.24650930324872327
22. An American TailJames Horner, Barry Mann Classic4.24346547192949321
23. Legends of the FallJames Horner Modern4.2429,7433383591,0772,8045,165
24. Jurassic ParkJohn Williams Modern4.24017,7007508751,9663,89710,212
25. Beauty and the BeastAlan Menken Modern4.23314,3574445701,4674,5867,290
26. WillowJames Horner Modern4.2315,8042614335689833,559
27. Children of DuneBrian Tyler TV4.2286,5543413786451,2743,916
28. The Wind and the LionJerry Goldsmith Classic4.21651433324683320
29. Conan the BarbarianBasil Poledouris Classic4.2101,8991031021904031,101
30. Star Wars: The Phantom MenaceJohn Williams Modern4.20344,1702,2242,3965,1498,80525,596
31. SupermanJohn Williams Classic4.2004,0082102273739392,259
32. The Lion in WinterJohn Barry Classic4.2001,3766162179313761
33. Les MisérablesBasil Poledouris Modern4.1985,7751952787341,5483,020
34. How to Train Your DragonJohn Powell Modern4.1972,2151071312454671,265
35. Tomorrow Never DiesDavid Arnold Modern4.1979,6144045469582,5525,154
36. Angels in AmericaThomas Newman TV4.190897526576172532
37. VertigoBernard Herrmann Classic4.1841,8611071121793971,066
38. Star Wars: Return of the JediJohn Williams Classic4.18110,6843286881,1892,9985,481
39. Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary CelebrationCompilation Misc4.1781,3925976179322756
40. Star Wars: The Force AwakensJohn Williams Modern4.1771,78848104231505900
41. Crimson TideHans Zimmer Modern4.1738,6584656148451,7714,963
42. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountryCliff Eidelman Modern4.1723,4581841843738291,888
43. MaleficentJames Newton Howard Modern4.1701,0242858149266523
44. BraveheartJames Horner Modern4.16927,7068621,3214,3956,81414,314
45. The GodfatherNino Rota Classic4.16946748204154304
46. Moulin RougeCraig Armstrong Modern4.16739,4903,9801,4712,4437,68023,916
47. The OmenJerry Goldsmith Classic4.164654284478147357
48. HookJohn Williams Modern4.1623,8242402244257212,214
49. Only YouRachel Portman Modern4.1582,2941041072876201,176
50. Great Composers: Georges DelerueCompilation Misc4.158658414856134379
51. StargateDavid Arnold Modern4.1492,7971111413548041,387
52. Star Trek: The Motion PictureJerry Goldsmith Classic4.1443,6991652095298221,974
53. Under FireJerry Goldsmith Classic4.1421,0265061114269532
54. Out of AfricaJohn Barry Classic4.13736437163450227
55. Alice in WonderlandDanny Elfman Modern4.1372,563891573726421,303
56. The Mask of ZorroJames Horner Modern4.1298,7943694211,2032,5164,285
57. Princess MononokeJoe Hisaishi Modern4.12513,5866057561,8793,4416,905
58. Miklós Rózsa at M-G-MCompilation Misc4.124769585160169431
59. Anna and the KingGeorge Fenton Modern4.1203,8911632296108652,024
60. The Cider House RulesRachel Portman Modern4.1176,0372193089381,6542,918
61. Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanJames Horner Classic4.1121,3428379154315711
62. The TerminalJohn Williams Modern4.1102,7591361423178521,312
63. The Living DaylightsJohn Barry Classic4.1071,1847287133242650
64. TitanicJames Horner Modern4.10527,1861,7321,7913,4665,09915,098
65. Somewhere in TimeJohn Barry Classic4.10034136163447208
66. Independence DayDavid Arnold Modern4.0995,0002152806881,4312,386
67. Far and AwayJohn Williams Modern4.0984,6102553385501,0262,441
68. 1492: Conquest of ParadiseVangelis Modern4.0954,8441702167451,5652,148
69. The Land Before TimeJames Horner Modern4.0924,4002322645091,2562,139
70. Raise the TitanicJohn Barry Classic4.0882,0611181322365391,036
71. RockyBill Conti Classic4.08744641364055274
72. How to Train Your Dragon 2John Powell Modern4.087600324183131313
73. The Legend of Bagger VanceRachel Portman Modern4.0863,5742012084798801,806
74. Star Wars: Attack of the ClonesJohn Williams Modern4.08529,1401,8482,0353,6495,86815,740
75. EvitaAndrew Lloyd Webber Modern4.0859,8714204361,2983,4494,268
76. The Prince of EgyptHans Zimmer, Stephen Schwartz Modern4.08213,3876798651,7903,3966,657
77. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneJohn Williams Modern4.08232,1741,3021,4745,7948,31715,287
78. The Lion KingHans Zimmer, Elton John Modern4.06612,0606307161,5473,4985,669
79. The Dark CrystalTrevor Jones Classic4.0641,1117571146235584
80. Last of the MohicansTrevor Jones, Randy Edelman Modern4.0598,5444345701,3701,8514,319
81. Dangerous BeautyGeorge Fenton Modern4.0582,05810393307634921
82. Cinema Choral ClassicsCompilation Misc4.0551,0485765157253516
83. The MissingJames Horner Modern4.0541,3898374184392656
84. The Last AirbenderJames Newton Howard Modern4.0522,2561241923124431,185
85. Star Wars: The Last JediJohn Williams Modern4.043581195185157269
86. DuneToto Classic4.04313,5331,2758791,6361,9477,796
87. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemJames Newton Howard Modern4.043329112447105142
88. Star Wars: Revenge of the SithJohn Williams Modern4.04220,1084581,0233,8816,6088,138
89. The Little MermaidAlan Menken, Howard Ashman Modern4.03915,9919141,0322,4133,7887,844
90. Back to the FutureAlan Silvestri Classic4.038742734975125420
91. Twilight Zone: The MovieJerry Goldsmith Classic4.03636117385262192
92. SommersbyDanny Elfman Modern4.0361,64586105235457762
93. Beauty and the BeastAlan Menken Modern4.01734615285194158
94. Gods and GeneralsJohn Frizzell, Randy Edelman Modern4.0165,5682774588461,3072,680
95. Cruel IntentionsJohn Ottman Misc4.0103,8282252646697591,911
96. The Hunt for Red OctoberBasil Poledouris Modern4.00914,0418289381,8564,0786,341
97. Dr. Jekyll and Ms. HydeMark McKenzie Modern3.9999287463129186476
98. The Nightmare Before ChristmasDanny Elfman Modern3.99514,8436548692,8483,9986,474
99. CinderellaPatrick Doyle Modern3.99537621315689179
100. The Godfather Part IINino Rota, Carmine Coppola Classic3.99434447232637211
101. Kingdom of HeavenHarry Gregson-Williams Modern3.9893,0331582114299441,291
102. Forrest GumpAlan Silvestri Modern3.9872,9441702164377801,341
103. The 'BurbsJerry Goldsmith Modern3.9818877386103148477
104. Sleepy HollowDanny Elfman Modern3.9798,5203766341,3582,5763,576
105. The Mummy ReturnsAlan Silvestri Modern3.9776,0864084928431,4302,913
106. The Legend of ZorroJames Horner Modern3.9771,490118112158401701
107. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanJohn Williams Modern3.9758,6814925461,4982,2993,846
108. AngelPhilippe Rombi Modern3.97539431294897189
109. The MissionEnnio Morricone Classic3.97336741263565200
110. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the UnicornJohn Williams Modern3.9721,41274104218408608
111. Judge DreddAlan Silvestri Modern3.97141920377492196
112. The Spitfire GrillJames Horner Modern3.9711,571111121238334767
113. ChaplinJohn Barry Modern3.969642475797109332
114. Lesbian Vampire KillersDebbie Wiseman Modern3.96539829345486195
115. Pan's LabyrinthJavier Navarrete Modern3.9658785681140162439
116. La Ligne DroitePatrick Doyle Modern3.96528219263862137
117. Medal of HonorMichael Giacchino Misc3.9631,505116104195394696
118. The Gospel of JohnJeff Danna Modern3.9639568060106279431
119. MulanJerry Goldsmith, Matthew Wilder Modern3.96310,3376878321,5232,4294,866
120. The PatriotJohn Williams Modern3.9606,0272765179601,6942,580
121. Home AloneJohn Williams Modern3.9602,8551702183968441,227
122. The Ghost and the DarknessJerry Goldsmith Modern3.9593,3821251846321,2061,235
123. AgoraDario Marianelli Modern3.95833525274578160
124. CleopatraAlex North Classic3.9581,0399082135207525
125. The RocketeerJames Horner Modern3.9572,6341531743898341,084
126. Arsène LupinDebbie Wiseman Modern3.957562464868122278
127. AladdinAlan Menken Modern3.9578,8384135381,7492,4533,685
128. CleopatraTrevor Jones TV3.9571,770181122135486846
129. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven SeasHarry Gregson-Williams Modern3.9554,3802472598081,1941,872
130. Band of BrothersMichael Kamen TV3.9554,4272383567241,1571,952
131. The 10th KingdomAnne Dudley TV3.9532,8041282055107901,171
132. PattonJerry Goldsmith Classic3.9501,0357086145259475
133. The Matrix RevolutionsDon Davis, Juno Reactor Modern3.9508,6074106011,5472,5033,546
134. Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeJohn Williams Modern3.9494,6062903397911,0842,102
135. High Road to ChinaJohn Barry Classic3.9461,3279089201369578
136. IndochinePatrick Doyle Modern3.945601534364165276
137. The Black Stallion ReturnsGeorges Delerue Classic3.94530719214595127
138. HoodlumElmer Bernstein Modern3.943647526285120328
139. Far From HeavenElmer Bernstein Modern3.9413,3211242485871,1031,259
140. Basic InstinctJerry Goldsmith Modern3.9413,5351582446151,1511,367
141. Superman ReturnsJohn Ottman Modern3.9401,87699144328505800
142. Interview with the VampireElliot Goldenthal Modern3.9341,0416494167238478
143. Jupiter AscendingMichael Giacchino Modern3.933371153467100155
144. IncognitoJohn Ottman Modern3.9311,544129126176405708
145. AlienJerry Goldsmith Classic3.93063252738187339
146. Much Ado About NothingPatrick Doyle Modern3.9291,498114106214402662
147. Finding NemoThomas Newman Modern3.92711,9067318432,1742,9755,183
148. The Tailor of PanamaShaun Davey Modern3.9271,747117140287413790
149. The 13th WarriorJerry Goldsmith, Graeme Revell Modern3.9263,9451682646891,3941,430
150. Addicted to LoveRachel Portman Modern3.9262,085107117356748757
151. Final Fantasy: The Spirits WithinElliot Goldenthal Modern3.9245,4523764068961,3512,423
152. The ShadowJerry Goldsmith Modern3.9242,705109182496936982
153. Beyond RangoonHans Zimmer Modern3.9231,0137276155265445
154. PoltergeistJerry Goldsmith Classic3.9152,6571311824738671,004
155. The Legend of 1900Ennio Morricone Modern3.9143,4731382886949691,384
156. Animal FarmRichard Harvey TV3.91438224405687175
157. TakenLaura Karpman TV3.91230830203977142
158. Searching for Bobby FischerJames Horner Modern3.91045425517886214
159. Space Battleship YamatoNaoki Sato Modern3.908511424760129233
160. Quigley Down UnderBasil Poledouris Modern3.9081,0957156219306443
161. Cinema Choral Classics IICompilation Misc3.906705566098171320
162. The Towering InfernoJohn Williams Classic3.9039198276128196437
163. Message in a BottleGabriel Yared Modern3.9023,8501683077161,2011,458
164. RudyJerry Goldsmith Modern3.8973,8091762237591,3101,341
165. U-571Richard Marvin Modern3.8977,6533566261,4422,2562,973
166. DinotopiaTrevor Jones TV3.89431032233576144
167. AnastasiaDavid Newman Modern3.8918,8984796951,8152,2393,670
168. Total RecallJerry Goldsmith Modern3.8883,1561532465631,0341,160
169. Wolf TotemJames Horner Modern3.88829413275388113
170. The Shawshank RedemptionThomas Newman Modern3.8852,840109185598979969
171. Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandAndrew Lockington Modern3.880407313561105175
172. Angela's AshesJohn Williams Modern3.8785,1352484249571,5831,923
173. A League of Their OwnHans Zimmer Modern3.87738225396386169
174. Galaxy QuestDavid Newman Modern3.8765,6032204841,0261,9161,957
175. Pee-wee's Big AdventureDanny Elfman Classic3.87225724273249125
176. Black BeautyDanny Elfman Modern3.8701,46481125278400580
177. Tale of a LakePanu Aaltio Modern3.86810669193141
178. The Devil's OwnJames Horner Modern3.86542950395854228
179. John CarterMichael Giacchino Modern3.864552444887133240
180. PriestChristopher Young Modern3.863424343861110181
181. Soul SurferMarco Beltrami Modern3.86326217273971108
182. Deep BlueGeorge Fenton Modern3.861416443248106186
183. Fly Away HomeMark Isham Modern3.856630605185158276
184. The VillageJames Newton Howard Modern3.8542,8371682924977081,172
185. Who Framed Roger RabbitAlan Silvestri Modern3.853539494887104251
186. The PromiseKlaus Badelt Modern3.852535515559127243
187. Music for a Darkened Theatre, Volume 1Danny Elfman Misc3.847452423865109198
188. The AbyssAlan Silvestri Modern3.8472,112106175387713731
189. War HorseJohn Williams Modern3.8461,30868118248387487
190. Battle Beyond the StarsJames Horner Classic3.843503484174119221
191. Great ExpectationsPatrick Doyle Modern3.8412,849123124728981893
192. The Joy Luck ClubRachel Portman Modern3.84036830446349182
193. Lonesome DoveBasil Poledouris TV3.8398506683148178375
194. AntzJohn Powell, Various Modern3.8362,8071752435178041,068
195. PredatorAlan Silvestri Classic3.8341,34096117246335546
196. Shakespeare in LoveStephen Warbeck Modern3.8335,4133944169581,5752,070
197. Elizabeth: The Golden AgeCraig Armstrong, A.R. Rahman Modern3.83340130487162190
198. The SaintGraeme Revell Modern3.8331,6308695342590517
199. Spirited AwayJoe Hisaishi Modern3.83246550536456242
200. The Blue PlanetGeorge Fenton TV3.826574405993151231
201. 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaMark Snow TV3.823648565995172266
202. MerlinTrevor Jones TV3.8223,8541993487871,1251,395
203. The ChorusBruno Coulais, Christophe Barratier Modern3.8221,09395115143277463
204. The Nativity StoryMychael Danna Modern3.821585514587177225
205. Cherry 2000Basil Poledouris Classic3.820401332863131146
206. The Affair of the NecklaceDavid Newman Modern3.8201,0117592165287392
207. Van HelsingAlan Silvestri Modern3.8193,8872663146951,1941,418
208. Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomJohn Williams Classic3.81196079105146218412
209. The Amazing Spider-ManJames Horner Modern3.8078746885127262332
210. Field of DreamsJames Horner Modern3.8058268490124133395
211. AvatarJames Horner Modern3.8058,6556838971,2852,3523,438
212. BeetlejuiceDanny Elfman Modern3.8055,4132485391,0971,6671,862
213. The Lost World: Jurassic ParkJohn Williams Modern3.8044,2912183778441,4401,412
214. Presumed InnocentJohn Williams Modern3.8029301309882136484
215. Thirteen DaysTrevor Jones Modern3.8021,740139151279518653
216. The Horse WhispererThomas Newman Modern3.8022,444106176578821763
217. Love's Labour's LostPatrick Doyle Modern3.7961,939151149348587704
218. PocahontasAlan Menken Modern3.7963,3531913276261,0401,169
219. East-WestPatrick Doyle Modern3.7961,3188884264455427
220. Cast Away: The Zemeckis/Silvestri CollaborationAlan Silvestri Misc3.7891,755168180267379761
221. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderDavid Arnold Modern3.7897956264145233291
222. From HellTrevor Jones Modern3.7881,798121147328599603
223. Born on the Fourth of JulyJohn Williams Modern3.7863,4481772887631,0871,133
224. Close Encounters of the Third KindJohn Williams Classic3.7862,198181204398536879
225. Alice Through the Looking GlassDanny Elfman Modern3.785605556683151250
226. Racing StripesMark Isham Modern3.7847186156126209266
227. The Jungle BookJohn Debney Modern3.7822061319357267
228. A Beautiful MindJames Horner Modern3.7814,3523343888031,1991,628
229. The Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsCliff Eidelman Modern3.78140643426469188
230. The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyHoward Shore Modern3.7751,20788130222292475
231. Amazing StoriesJohn Williams, Various TV3.7749177088171238350
232. The IncrediblesMichael Giacchino Modern3.7731,34091115260415459
233. Requiem for a DreamClint Mansell Modern3.77050590572344291
234. AmistadJohn Williams Modern3.7682,548152162601842791
235. LostMichael Giacchino TV3.7615994861104159227
236. Rambo: First Blood Part IIJerry Goldsmith Classic3.7601,2056395262433352
237. Born FreeJohn Barry Classic3.7587416778135148313
238. CongoJerry Goldsmith Modern3.75652954668574250
239. Star Trek V: The Final FrontierJerry Goldsmith Modern3.7563,1551812726561,073973
240. Space and BeyondCompilation Misc3.75234738354684144
241. CocoonJames Horner Classic3.7528266679153224304
242. Jack the Giant SlayerJohn Ottman Modern3.752467344686137164
243. HannibalHans Zimmer, Various Modern3.75011,7139981,2952,0932,5794,748
244. Finding NeverlandJan A.P. Kaczmarek Modern3.7501,794141161338520634
245. The Pink PantherChristophe Beck Modern3.7481031510121551
246. The Hunchback of Notre DameAlan Menken Modern3.7475,4962935951,2341,4621,912
247. Medicine ManJerry Goldsmith Modern3.7441,48593128314481469
248. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince CaspianHarry Gregson-Williams Modern3.7438046277169194302
249. ElizabethDavid Hirschfelder Modern3.7428067496137156343
250. Romeo & JulietAbel Korzeniowski Modern3.7402461828436889
251. MoanaMark Mancina, Various Modern3.7382021022455966
252. Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsJohn Williams, William Ross Modern3.73713,0569951,1512,6293,8034,478
253. TarzanMark Mancina, Phil Collins Modern3.7343,6122873676719821,305
254. The Final ConflictJerry Goldsmith Classic3.73124924284056101
255. The Last SamuraiHans Zimmer Modern3.7303,8192563347341,3561,139
256. Jerry Goldsmith at 20th Century FoxCompilation Misc3.7251,177176130106195570
257. DragonheartRandy Edelman Modern3.7226,0143766361,2571,7611,984
258. Warriors of the Silver ScreenCompilation Misc3.71432935325087125
259. Air Force OneJerry Goldsmith, Various Modern3.7144,0771963341,0271,4021,118
260. Citizen Kane: The Essential Bernard Herrmann CollectionCompilation Misc3.713534485793138198
261. Viceroy's HouseA.R. Rahman Modern3.7127347152720
262. Memphis BelleGeorge Fenton Modern3.711523524297146186
263. Music from The Lord of the Rings TrilogyHoward Shore Misc3.710520625865119216
264. Little WomenThomas Newman Modern3.708518564886129199
265. RestorationJames Newton Howard Modern3.707552456498146199
266. DreamerJohn Debney Modern3.7068047297157147331
267. The Greatest MiracleMark McKenzie Modern3.7062622232456598
268. Bicentennial Man James Horner Modern3.7053,2192442697249361,046
269. V for VendettaDario Marianelli Modern3.7058867477190240305
270. End of DaysJohn Debney Modern3.7012,274214223410608819
271. The IllusionistPhilip Glass Modern3.7006905667143186238
272. Old GringoLee Holdridge Modern3.70034345324678142
273. Flesh + BloodBasil Poledouris Classic3.6985134150102150170
274. Star Trek: InsurrectionJerry Goldsmith Modern3.6974,1472544148891,3681,222
275. DragonflyJohn Debney Modern3.6938487668172256276
276. The Monkey KingChristopher Young Modern3.6937559152125
277. Atlantis: The Lost EmpireJames Newton Howard Modern3.6905,8663786141,2781,7721,824
278. The Bone CollectorCraig Armstrong Modern3.6901,769152154296655512
279. Broken ArrowHans Zimmer, Don Harper Modern3.68946055596772207
280. Chariots of FireVangelis Classic3.68943779542741236
281. Justice LeagueDanny Elfman Modern3.6841961320387055
282. Lauras SternNick Glennie-Smith, Various Modern3.68094597100176207365
283. TangledAlan Menken Modern3.6791,01195116180248372
284. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2Carter Burwell Modern3.67840152485764180
285. BackdraftHans Zimmer Modern3.6773,1261523317641,008871
286. Once Upon a Time in MexicoRobert Rodriguez Modern3.6752,040198177380620665
287. SabrinaJohn Williams Modern3.6737077692116126297
288. SleepersJohn Williams Modern3.67341046566954185
289. DinosaurJames Newton Howard Modern3.6714,3852265679371,3481,307
290. Mission: Impossible - Rogue NationJoe Kraemer Modern3.67147460627456222
291. The MoleDavid Michael Frank TV3.668650944896154258
292. Lust, CautionAlexandre Desplat Modern3.6672072526284286
293. Ever After: A Cinderella StoryGeorge Fenton Modern3.6663,5142662978231,0861,042
294. First KnightJerry Goldsmith Modern3.6653,208236315705985967
295. John Barry: ZuluCompilation Misc3.664470484099118165
296. The Time MachineKlaus Badelt Modern3.6613,156208340698979931
297. Seven Years in TibetJohn Williams Modern3.6592,107176254398563716
298. Black PantherLudwig Göransson Modern3.658158819355343
299. SpeedMark Mancina Modern3.65547359588066210
300. Murder on the Orient ExpressPatrick Doyle Modern3.654136613345231
301. Requiem for my FriendZbigniew Preisner Misc3.6545896262103153209
302. The Book ThiefJohn Williams Modern3.65336618448412199
303. Toy StoryRandy Newman Modern3.65350754689279214
304. A.I. Artificial IntelligenceJohn Williams Modern3.6524,7703885619451,3061,570
305. In SessionCompilation Misc3.651648926788129272
306. Life of PiMychael Danna Modern3.647417454470112146
307. The ArtistLudovic Bource Modern3.6472583320476395
308. Alien Invasion: Space and Beyond IICompilation Misc3.64633936355796115
309. The PunisherCarlo Siliotto Modern3.6468836677210281249
310. Mega MoviesCompilation Misc3.645434563476110158
311. Joe Versus the VolcanoGeorges Delerue Modern3.6451,07586106230335318
312. The Last ValleyJohn Barry Classic3.6447566078158235225
313. AlexanderVangelis Modern3.6433,2264332894289231,153
314. Cinema's Classic RomancesCompilation Misc3.6435885661121149201
315. The American President Marc Shaiman Modern3.6422,315153218615647682
316. MythodeaVangelis Misc3.6417381156897145313
317. Casino RoyaleDavid Arnold Modern3.6381,444107143330450414
318. Spy GameHarry Gregson-Williams Modern3.6371,420125141294424436
319. HugoHoward Shore Modern3.636434385385111147
320. AmélieYann Tiersen Modern3.6365523479140100199
321. CasperJames Horner Modern3.6352,526182255600756733
322. David Shire Film MusicCompilation Misc3.63328642204573106
323. The Imitation GameAlexandre Desplat Modern3.6322801735599277
324. Body HeatJohn Barry Classic3.6271,005100122171272340
325. Star Wars: Shadows of the EmpireJoel McNeely Misc3.62528542283864113
326. Super 8Michael Giacchino Modern3.6255464373112136182
327. Rambo IIIJerry Goldsmith Modern3.6241,25082118316406328
328. Star Trek: First ContactJerry Goldsmith, Joel Goldsmith Modern3.6229,2263749282,7252,9802,219
329. WaterworldJames Newton Howard Modern3.6222,133118223537724531
330. Memoirs of a GeishaJohn Williams Modern3.6181,556170196257368565
331. The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugHoward Shore Modern3.6181,03687119230267333
332. The MummyBrian Tyler Modern3.6171671019415245
333. BaltoJames Horner Modern3.6141,177107113280304373
334. Henry VPatrick Doyle Modern3.6145756657103156193
335. The Hollywood SoundCompilation Misc3.61443556507481174
336. The Man Without a FaceJames Horner Modern3.6111,06199132209264357
337. Road to PerditionThomas Newman Modern3.6084,0783254189681,1871,180
338. The Ghost WriterAlexandre Desplat Modern3.60838050475382148
339. Johnny EnglishEdward Shearmur, Howard Goodall Modern3.6041,116107113236319341
340. RatatouilleMichael Giacchino Modern3.6031,11787118265328319
341. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesHoward Shore Modern3.60185390115153182313
342. Real SteelDanny Elfman Modern3.60187571114178242270
343. The Brothers GrimmDario Marianelli Modern3.601511565591144165
344. Murder in the FirstChristopher Young Modern3.599479585085119167
345. SilveradoBruce Broughton Classic3.5981792216334959
346. Blood DiamondJames Newton Howard Modern3.59786258104198269233
347. The Perfect StormJames Horner Modern3.5973,3903363877048421,121
348. ChocolatRachel Portman Modern3.5963,066257362637917893
349. Doctor StrangeMichael Giacchino Modern3.594180920456739
350. Chicken RunJohn Powell, Harry Gregson-Williams Modern3.5944,9633775501,2621,2951,479
351. The NaturalRandy Newman Classic3.5941602414253760
352. What Dreams May ComeMichael Kamen, Mark Snow Modern3.5932,123186242495528672
353. RoboCopBasil Poledouris Classic3.592537527811094203
354. Sleeping with the EnemyJerry Goldsmith Modern3.5921,07173138249304307
355. The New WorldJames Horner Modern3.5921,262124116299335388
356. Moby DickChristopher Gordon TV3.591362343780103108
357. Oliver TwistRachel Portman Modern3.5915166052104123177
358. Sky Captain and the World of TomorrowEdward Shearmur Modern3.5901,26797128318379345
359. AmazonAlan Williams Misc3.5882163221276076
360. Hans Zimmer: The Wings of a FilmCompilation Misc3.5887547298146191247
361. Airplane!Elmer Bernstein Classic3.5872423425385590
362. Craig Armstrong: Film Works 1995-2005Craig Armstrong Misc3.5832524024267389
363. Farewell to the KingBasil Poledouris Modern3.5812653628406893
364. T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousWilliam Ross Misc3.5802002027374967
365. On the BeachChristopher Gordon TV3.579456534687124146
366. The Family ManDanny Elfman Modern3.5771,774132230398510504
367. Free WillyBasil Poledouris Modern3.5771,0049698241269300
368. Pas de DeuxJames Horner Misc3.574108915232734
369. The PianoMichael Nyman Modern3.5731852423303969
370. The Black DahliaMark Isham Modern3.5737475386196204208
371. For Love of the GameBasil Poledouris Modern3.5738578078199271229
372. Hollywood '95Compilation Misc3.57125246242848106
373. EnigmaJohn Barry Modern3.5691,728145214400451518
374. Pope Joan (Die Päpstin)Marcel Barsotti Modern3.5681761526344655
375. Island of the SharksAlan Williams Misc3.56634856265489123
376. Star Trek III: The Search for SpockJames Horner Classic3.56685087127170150316
377. The FuryJohn Williams Classic3.5655294259125164139
378. MasadaJerry Goldsmith, Morton Stevens TV3.5642593028516684
379. The Star Trek AlbumCompilation Misc3.5632883127569777
380. Babylon 5: Messages from EarthChristopher Franke Misc3.5612534026345895
381. SneakersJames Horner Modern3.5615405278109117184
382. Music for a Darkened Theatre, Volume 2Danny Elfman Misc3.56126445343038117
383. The Godfather TrilogyNino Rota Misc3.5592563427426885
384. AmerikaBasil Poledouris TV3.556376453866117110
385. OceansBruno Coulais Modern3.5562703233516193
386. FrontiersCompilation Misc3.555409534067125124
387. Mark McKenzie: Orchestral Film Music, Volume 1Compilation Misc3.5542403524395785
388. Michael CollinsElliot Goldenthal Modern3.5545585758128149166
389. Thor: The Dark WorldBrian Tyler Modern3.554439395591132122
390. The Adventures of Conan: A Sword and Sorcery SpectacularBasil Poledouris Misc3.5533003526639086
391. The HoursPhilip Glass Modern3.5532,432229258595639711
392. X-Men: The Last StandJohn Powell Modern3.5531,00993108230304274
393. The Shape of WaterAlexandre Desplat Modern3.5502021225556050
394. Heaven & EarthKitaro Modern3.5497969296146207255
395. Valerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsAlexandre Desplat Modern3.549133818353735
396. Bram Stoker's DraculaWojciech Kilar Modern3.5486375693146130212
397. Driving Miss DaisyHans Zimmer Modern3.5401611622333951
398. Secondhand LionsPatrick Doyle Modern3.5408008379184231223
399. The Usual SuspectsJohn Ottman Modern3.53891162134207268240
400. Talk to HerAlberto Iglesias Modern3.5366887469155194196
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