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The Peanuts Movie
Album Cover Art
Composed and Produced by:

Co-Orchestrated and Conducted by:
Tim Davies

Co-Orchestrated by:
Kevin Kliesch
Jeremy Levy
Larry Groupe

Additional Music by:
Leo Birenberg
Zach Robinson
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Epic Records
(October 23rd, 2015)
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Regular U.S. release. A Target-exclusive product contains one additional pop song.
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Buy it... if you desire a loyal re-interpretation of the "Peanuts" concept's music from long ago, composer Christophe Beck and his team faithfully reprising and adapting Vince Guaraldi's classic music into a more modern, orchestral environment.

Avoid it... if you expect this music to really push any boundaries, because the very careful handling of the source material keeps it largely segregated from the boisterous new original score and obligatory pop songs.
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WRITTEN 1/2/16
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The Peanuts Movie: (Christophe Beck) Despite the enduring popularity of Charles M. Schulz's comic strip, "Peanuts," it had been 35 years since its characters were featured in a new motion picture. The original four "Peanuts" films remain sentimental favorites with a distinct style and tone, and Schulz's son and grandson, when working for the better part of a decade with Blue Sky Studios and Fox on a modern animated interpretation of the concept, insisted upon retaining artistic control over the 2015 movie known internationally as Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie, perhaps to avoid nasty translation issues. Writing and producing much of the project themselves, the Schulz family turned to director Steve Martino specifically to bring a faithful adaptation of the core values of the strip to the film. The plot contains no new characters and essentially follows two parallel storylines that occasionally overlap, one side showing Charlie Brown persevering as he always does to gain the attention of Little Red-Haired Girl with the help of Linus, Lucy, and his dogged determination to do the right thing. The other side of The Peanuts Movie is dedicated to Snoopy's adventures as the Flying Ace, saving fellow pilot Fifi from the forces of the Red Baron. It's an innocuous, self-contained story true to the original characters and not requiring any sequel or deep understanding of the strip to be able to appreciate. In fact, it's a rare circumstance in which a sequel wasn't immediately planned despite critical and fiscal success. The music for the concept is, like the characters themselves, a pivotal part of their existence, and the handling of the soundtrack for The Peanuts Movie was very carefully planned to exude the same nostalgic loyalty to the other films and television productions. Some of the cast voices actually consist of trombone performances rather than traditionally spoken lines, requiring a fair amount of source material to be applied to this film. Long toiling in the children's genre but having struck gold with his work on Disney's Frozen, composer Christophe Beck, himself a big fan of the "Peanuts" concept, was brought in to help guide the soundtrack into the 21st Century. The original themes and their iconic performances by Vince Guaraldi were mandatory inclusions, of course, as were a few mundane pop songs for marketing purposes. Weaving these elements together is an original score by Beck and a few additional writers that does everything it can to avoid stepping on the toes of the Guaraldi material.

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Average: 2.97 Stars
***** 11 5 Stars
**** 20 4 Stars
*** 24 3 Stars
** 20 2 Stars
* 12 1 Stars
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FVSR Reviews The Peanuts Movie
Brendan Cochran - January 3, 2016, at 10:14 a.m.
1 comment  (267 views)

Track Listings Icon
Total Time: 47:49
• 1. Linus and Lucy* - performed by Vince Guaraldi Trio (3:04)
• 2. Better When I'm Dancin' - performed by Meghan Trainor (2:56)
• 3. That's What I Like - performed by Flo Rida (3:15)
• 4. Skating* - performed by Vince Guaraldi Trio (2:23)
• 5. Christmas Time is Here* - performed by Vince Guaraldi Trio and Lee Mendelson (2:45)
• 6. Snow Day (2:26)
• 7. Fifi's Theme (1:13)
• 8. Charlie Brown in Love (1:38)
• 9. Wingwalking (2:18)
• 10. The Library (1:10)
• 11. The Assembly (2:20)
• 12. Curse You Red Baron (3:30)
• 13. Winter Becomes Spring (2:01)
• 14. Never Give Up (3:50)
• 15. Carnival Panic/Linus and Lucy** (2:17)
• 16. Pen Pal Partners (1:23)
• 17. Good Ol' Charlie Brown** (1:03)
• 18. Skating* (2:39)
• 19. Christmas Time is Here/Christmas is Coming (Medley)* (2:53)
• 20. Linus and Lucy* (2:14)
* composed by Vince Guaraldi
** includes music composed by Vince Guaraldi and arranged by Christophe Beck

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The insert includes a short note from the director, lyrics to the main song, and a list of orchestral performers.
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