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Score and Songs Co-Composed and Co-Produced by:

Songs Co-Composed and Co-Produced by:
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Opetaia Foa'i

Score and Songs Arranged and Orchestrated by:
David Metzger

Score and Songs Conducted by:
Don Harper
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Walt Disney Records (All Albums)
(November 18th, 2016)
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Regular U.S. release, both editions available as a CD product.
The song "How Far I'll Go" won a Grammy Award and was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.
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Buy it... even if you normally don't appreciate Disney musicals, for Moana is a consistently affable triumph with no weak songs and a generally engaging score.

Avoid it... if you demand a muscular stance from Mark Mancina in the action sequences of the score, these beefier sections not measuring up to the majesty of the ethnically lovely, melodic portions of the soundtrack.
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WRITTEN 2/4/17
Moana: (Mark Mancina/Lin-Manuel Miranda/Opetaia Foa'i) Those who complain incessantly about the lack of new inspiration in the topics of animated movies will be heartened by the distance to which directors Ron Clements and John Musker traveled and lobbied to make 2016's original hit children's film Moana. Built largely on a foundation of actual mythology from the South Pacific region, the movie is generally a "finding your way" saga for a young woman, which is nothing new, of course, but it's wrapped in a delightfully fresh ethnic environment that does justice to the history of a region not popularized so successfully before. A young Polynesian woman of long ago strives to buck the norms of her island and voyage across the seas in exploration of solutions to her homeland's natural calamities. With the help of a demigod and a spiritual village elder, she predictably restores her island, confirms her identity, and returns a culture of sea-faring exploration to her people. The musical of Disney tradition was a critical and fiscal success, earning several major awards for the film and its music. The soundtrack is a collaborative affair involving three totally distinct musical voices behind its composition, the kind of arrangement sometimes forced by studios that begs for discord and failure. In Moana, kudos are deserved all around for making the collaboration work surprisingly well, however, with influences of all three composers lending an appropriate tone that together serves the film very satisfyingly. The flashiest name involved is that of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the experienced Broadway composer and playwright known best for creating the smash hit Hamilton; he places himself in a position to be among the few to win a Grammy, Emmy, Tony, and Academy Award (one of Moana's songs was nominated), though Miranda tops all of that with his Pulitzer Prize. Joining him is Opetaia Foa'i, the Samoan lead songwriter and performer for the pan-Pacific group Te Vaka, their style well regarded in New Zealand for its Tokelauan language authenticity. Rounding out the team is composer Mark Mancina, who enjoyed notoriety in the film music realm for about ten years in the 1990's and early 2000's after branching off from collaborations with Hans Zimmer.

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Average: 3.74 Stars
***** 67 5 Stars
**** 60 4 Stars
*** 45 3 Stars
** 22 2 Stars
* 10 1 Stars
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Two thumbs up!
Palavar - February 6, 2017, at 4:02 p.m.
1 comment  (482 views)

Track Listings Icon
Regular Edition Tracks   ▼Total Time: 75:58
Songs: (30:42)
• 1. Tulou Tagaloa (0:51)
• 2. An Innocent Warrior (1:37)
• 3. Where You Are (3:30)
• 4. How Far I'll Go (2:43)
• 5. We Know the Way (2:21)
• 6. How Far I'll Go (1:27)
• 7. You're Welcome (2:43)
• 8. Shiny (3:05)
• 9. Logo Te Pate (2:10)
• 10. I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors) (2:42)
• 11. Know Who You Are (1:12)
• 12. We Know the Way (Finale) (1:09)
• 13. How Far I'll Go (2:55)
• 14. You're Welcome (2:17)
Score: (45:16)
• 15. Prologue (2:25)
• 16. He Was You (0:50)
• 17. Village Crazy Lady (0:45)
• 18. Cavern (2:05)
• 19. The Ocean Chose You (1:17)
• 20. The Hook (1:09)
• 21. Tala's Deathbed (2:00)
• 22. Battle of Wills (3:10)
• 23. Kakamora (4:33)
• 24. Wayfinding (1:52)
• 25. Climbing (0:54)
• 26. Tamatoa's Lair (2:45)
• 27. Great Escape (0:59)
• 28. If I Were the Ocean (3:01)
• 29. Te Ka Attacks (1:41)
• 30. Maui Leaves (2:05)
• 31. Heartache (0:39)
• 32. Tala Returns (1:01)
• 33. Sails to Te Fiti (5:46)
• 34. Shiny Heart (0:36)
• 35. Te Fiti Restored (1:03)
• 36. Hand of a God (0:30)
• 37. Voyager Tagaloa (0:57)
• 38. Toe Feiloa'i (1:25)
• 39. Navigating Home (0:47)
• 40. The Return to Voyaging (1:01)
Deluxe Edition Tracks   ▼Total Time: 120:00

Notes Icon
The insert includes a list of performers and lyrics to each song. The "Deluxe Edition" packaging is especially attractive.
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