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Inside Out
Album Cover Art
Composed and Produced by:

Co-Orchestrated and Conducted by:
Tim Simonec

Co-Orchestrated by:
Peter Boyer
Brad Dechter
Michael Gasbarro
Norman Ludwin
Cameron Patrick
Marshall Bowen
Jeffrey Kryka
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Walt Disney Records
(June 16th, 2015)
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Regular U.S. release. Only the CD release contains the final bonus track.
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Buy it... if you have an established tolerance for highly effective but maddeningly optimistic retro children's music that forces its unabashed goodness on your tired adult brain with all the exuberance of a child's emotional discovery.

Avoid it... if you expect Michael Giacchino to compete with the emotional gravity he achieved in Up, the atmosphere here just too close to carnivalesque Danny Elfman territory to achieve a cohesive listening experience.
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WRITTEN 10/18/15
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Inside Out: (Michael Giacchino) How do you make an animated children's film about complex neuropsychological concepts without losing your target audience? Years of psychological tumult for the film's creators, it turns out. On paper, a project like 2015's Inside Out seems like an absolutely unmarketable concept for the Pixar/Disney duo, and yet the resulting story of the personification of a young girl's conflicted emotions universally pleased movie-goers and achieved an esteemed place among the year's top critical and box office successes. Put forth by the team that concocted another heartbreaking animated triumph, Up in 2009, Inside Out must have been a tremendous challenge in its attempt to accurately address how children's emotions function and interact with each other in different spheres of the brain. The plot of the film details the relationships between the lead character's five primary emotions as they journey throughout her consciousness and guide her real life actions. It's quite ingenious as an idea, and the movie supplies enough (literally) colorful metaphors for hard science to bring frightfully complicated brain functions down to a child's level of understanding. To say that the film eventually balances the emotional forces at play and finds peace is unnecessary, as it is a light-hearted children's movie despite its intent to tackle tough interpersonal topics, and the score by Pixar veteran Michael Giacchino made certain to root the tone of the story in the bright, fluffy optimism that everyone hopes will prevail in the end. The composer had already experienced a whirlwind of activity in late 2014 and early 2015 that led him to yield one of the most productive six months of quality output for any composer in recent times, though none of his work for the science fiction entries during the period could foreshadow just how different a challenge Inside Out would turn out to be. And, of course, it sounds totally different from the other Giacchino scores of 2015, resurrecting the composer's flighty retro jazz and excruciatingly intimate styles of writing for a delicately innocent journey of occasionally timid of usually bubbly exploration. Interestingly, Inside Out would have been an absolutely perfect assignment for Danny Elfman, and Giacchino's music, when not recalling his own work in the genre, does tend to find common ground with Elfman's nostalgic ramblings of jazz, at least in summary instrumentation and tone. It's an affable and highly competent approach, even if it threatens to drive you absolutely crazy with the exuberance in between its reflective moments of beauty.

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Average: 2.99 Stars
***** 24 5 Stars
**** 37 4 Stars
*** 50 3 Stars
** 38 2 Stars
* 24 1 Stars
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FVSR Reviews Inside Out
Brendan Cochran - October 19, 2015, at 8:55 p.m.
1 comment  (414 views)

Track Listings Icon
Total Time: 65:36
• 1. Bundle of Joy (2:48)
• 2. Team Building (2:18)
• 3. Nomanisone Island/National Movers (4:20)
• 4. Overcoming Sadness (0:51)
• 5. Free Skating (0:59)
• 6. First Day of School (2:02)
• 7. Riled Up (1:02)
• 8. Goofball No Longer (1:11)
• 9. Memory Lanes (1:22)
• 10. The Forgetters (0:50)
• 11. Chasing the Pink Elephant (1:55)
• 12. Abstract Thought (1:47)
• 13. Imagination Land (1:25)
• 14. Down in the Dumps (1:47)
• 15. Dream Productions (1:43)
• 16. Dream a Little Nightmare (1:50)
• 17. The Subconscious Basement (2:01)
• 18. Escaping the Subconscious (2:09)
• 19. We Can Still Stop Her (2:54)
• 20. Tears of Joy (2:39)
• 21. Rainbow Flyer (2:58)
• 22. Chasing Down Sadness (1:45)
• 23. Joy Turns to Sadness/A Growing Personality (7:49)
• 24. The Joy of Credits (8:18)

CD Bonus Track:
• 25. Lava* (5:46)
* Performed by Kuana Torres Kahele and Napua Makua

Notes Icon
The CD's packaging cleverly emulates 1950's LP artwork and includes a note from the filmmakers about the composer, a summary of the film's plot, a list of performers, and lyrics to the song "Lava."
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