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Ice Age: Collision Course
Album Cover Art
Composed, Conducted, and Produced by:

Orchestrated by:
Kevin Kaska
Andrew Kinney
Mike Watts
John Kull
Jeff Atmajian
Louis Febre

Performed by:
The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Labels Icon
Varèse Sarabande
(July 22nd, 2016)
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Regular U.S. release.
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Buy it... if you can admire John Debney's mindful interpolation of a few David Newman and John Powell themes from the franchise's past, spread amongst his better space-faring parody material for this tale.

Avoid it... if even the better-executed variety of this genre's predictable sound from Debney cannot maintain your interest apart from the film, despite the lack of any truly obnoxious portions here.
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WRITTEN 9/15/16
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Ice Age: Collision Course: (John Debney) It's franchises like "Ice Age" that contribute to the ultimate "dumbing down" of the movie industry in the age of senseless sequels aimed solely at squeezing dollars out of parents eager to throw their kids in front of a screen. There's really no reason for 2016's Ice Age: Collision Course to exist otherwise, critics widely recognizing that the concept has long past its prime. So asinine has the "Ice Age" franchise become that this fifth film actually takes the story into outer space and postulates that the idiotic pre-historic characters of the tale could not only cause asteroids to hurl towards their planet but actually alter the trajectory of those asteroids upon learning of their imminent demise. It's really stupid stuff, folks, but 20th Century Fox seems pleased enough with the box office results to allow the pondering of a sixth feature film in the series. Aside from the ridiculous space element in Ice Age: Collision Course, there's the expected continuation of the interpersonal development of the main animals in "The Herd," the unlikely gang that has persisted through these films joined by a range of auxiliary characters each providing their comedy relief. At the heart of the story is Scrat the squirrel and his endless chase of the ever-elusive acorn, which, in this case, sends him to Mars aboard a spaceship. Not much more needs said about the plot. The music for the series, after kicking off the concept with David Newman, has largely been the domain of John Powell since, and these energetic children's comedy scores have often resided in the safely competent "3-star" range of quality. The same "safely competent 3-star range" descriptor could be applied to the majority of composer John Debney's ventures into the genre as well, and his journey to the "Ice Age" realm (which, incidentally, he claims to have always admired through the years) will likely receive much of the same response from soundtrack enthusiasts. Debney, whose career continues to be defined by obscure dramas, pointless horror flicks, and silly comedies, has actually enjoyed a fantastic 2016 to this point, with both The Young Messiah and The Jungle Book being solid scores that intelligently interpolate existing thematic ideas into engaging new packages. The same is true of Ice Age: Collision Course, and it's good to hear the veteran composer infuse ideas from the franchise's past amongst his own parody sensibilities. The result is a score that will for many still be a predictable, workmanlike 3-star bore. But there's enough going on in this non-offensive experience to recommend another examination.

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Average: 3.1 Stars
***** 12 5 Stars
**** 21 4 Stars
*** 25 3 Stars
** 18 2 Stars
* 9 1 Stars
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This score and movie could have been funnier
Ken Kirchner - September 17, 2016, at 1:52 p.m.
1 comment  (192 views)

Track Listings Icon
Total Time: 58:05
• 1. Ice Age: Collision Course Main Title (0:17)
• 2. Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe (2:44)
• 3. Earthbound Acorn (0:43)
• 4. Family Bonding* (3:15)
• 5. Clingy Sid (0:42)
• 6. Women** (1:14)
• 7. Extreme Gravity (1:23)
• 8. Did You Forget? (1:35)
• 9. Peaches and Julian (1:01)
• 10. Meteor Shower (2:45)
• 11. Ancient Temple (1:38)
• 12. The Tablet (2:38)
• 13. Dino Bird Plan (1:53)
• 14. Magnets (1:34)
• 15. Electrical Storm (2:55)
• 16. Parenting (1:41)
• 17. The Herd Rests (1:07)
• 18. Kidnapping (2:04)
• 19. Crash Site (1:44)
• 20. Geotopia (2:18)
• 21. The Shangri-Llama (2:57)
• 22. A Good Life* (1:27)
• 23. Proposal (1:47)
• 24. Sealing the Volcano (2:57)
• 25. Dino Birds Join the Mission (3:16)
• 26. Julian's Moment (3:32)
• 27. We Did It** (2:26)
• 28. Wedding Preparations* (2:52)
• 29. Mars (1:02)
• 30. Ice Age: Collision Course End Credits (Soundtrack Edit) (0:51)
* contains thematic material by David Newman from Ice Age
** contains thematic material by John Powell from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Notes Icon
The insert includes a list of performers and brief notes from both the director and composer.
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