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Finding Dory
Album Cover Art
Composed, Conducted, and Co-Produced by:

Co-Produced by:
Bill Bernstein

Orchestrated by:
J.A.C. Redford
Carl Johnson
Peter Boyer
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Walt Disney Records
(June 17th, 2016)
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Regular U.S. release.
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Buy it... if you've always appreciated Thomas Newman's knack for creating an engaging, otherworldly environment using his immense talent for unique instrumental colors, this score dominated by these largely affable sounds.

Avoid it... if narrative cohesion is an absolute necessity for you, because despite this film's familiar, heartfelt tale of reunion, Newman offers no satisfying connections to the prior score or memorable-enough new identities with which to punctuate the achievement at its end.
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WRITTEN 6/19/16
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Finding Dory: (Thomas Newman) The 2003 ultra-family friendly animated fish story Finding Nemo long reigned as the best-selling DVD of all time, making the tardiness of its 2016 sequel, Finding Dory, a bit of a head-scratcher. Reuniting for Disney and Pixar is most of the crew from the 2003 hit, the resulting story once again addressing a major character's search for family amongst a vast ocean full of mostly friendly sea creatures. This time, it's forgetful Dory, voiced once more by Ellen DeGeneres, who travels with Nemo and his father, Marlin, to a humans' Marine Life Institute in California based on the only fleeting memories she has of her parents there. The Institute and its humans' "rescuing" of animals are arguably the villains of the tale, probably encouraging SeaWorld to buy even more television ads in real life to justify its treatment of animals because of the movie. The production was so conscious of the SeaWorld connotations in the script that they altered the film so that the protagonists could all have at least the option to choose their fate in captivity or in the ocean. Regardless, it's yet another cute Pixar/Disney tale that was received with positive reviews and stellar box office performance, one certain to find its way into livings rooms at a Nemo-like pace. The music for Finding Nemo by Thomas Newman was nominated for an Academy Award (but no other awards, interestingly), a reward for the composer venturing for the first time into the animated realm. Despite Newman's trepidation about traversing into an animated universe that had been so thoroughly identified with the music and songs of his cousin, Randy Newman, the resulting score for Finding Nemo was both affable and suitably exotic. One of the more forgotten aspects of Finding Nemo is just how heartfelt some of its melodic material revealed itself to be, and perhaps the biggest difference between the 2003 score and Newman's follow-up for Finding Dory is the comparative lack of equivalent heartstring pulls in the sequel. The scores are clearly related in their instrumentation, demeanor of performance, and in the occasional thematic carryover, but Newman intentionally charted a new path for Finding Dory given that he associated the motifs of the prior score with Nemo's particular adventure in that movie. Since the themes of Finding Nemo were dedicated to him, don't expect that score's only memorable identities to function in the forefront of any cues in Finding Dory.

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Average: 3.07 Stars
***** 12 5 Stars
**** 24 4 Stars
*** 38 3 Stars
** 22 2 Stars
* 9 1 Stars
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Alternative review at Movie Wave
Southall - July 5, 2016, at 2:09 p.m.
1 comment  (215 views)
FVSR Reviews Finding Dory
Brendan Cochran - July 1, 2016, at 10:43 a.m.
1 comment  (177 views)
Make the Ocean Great again!   Expand >>
Ken Kirchner - June 19, 2016, at 4:36 p.m.
2 comments  (378 views)
Newest: August 3, 2016, at 7:42 p.m. by

Track Listings Icon
Total Time: 68:35
• 1. Kelpcake (0:46)
• 2. Finding Dory (Main Title) (0:55)
• 3. Lost at Sea (1:36)
• 4. One Year Later (2:24)
• 5. Migration Song (0:35)
• 6. "O, We're Going Home" (1:38)
• 7. Jewel of Morro Bay (2:00)
• 8. Gnarly Chop (1:39)
• 9. Squid Chase (1:28)
• 10. Sigourney Weaver (1:21)
• 11. Hank (3:19)
• 12. Nobody's Fine (3:29)
• 13. Rebecca Darling (1:54)
• 14. Meet Destiny (1:07)
• 15. Joker at Work (1:16)
• 16. Becky Files (3:53)
• 17. Hands! (2:24)
• 18. Almost Home (2:01)
• 19. Open Ocean (3:18)
• 20. Two Lefts and a Right (3:57)
• 21. Everything About You (1:41)
• 22. Quarantine (2:41)
• 23. Warp (1:03)
• 24. All Alone (0:53)
• 25. ...Shells (4:47)
• 26. No Walls (2:25)
• 27. Okay With Crazy (1:50)
• 28. Hide and Seek (1:51)
• 29. Quite a View (1:25)
• 30. "Unforgettable" - performed by Sia Furler (3:17)
• 31. Three Hearts (End Title) (3:29)
• 32. Loon Tune (1:20)
• 33. Fish Who Wander (1:18)
• 34. Release (1:13)

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Dory is a subversive homosexual influence upon innocent children, according to American religious leaders.
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